5 Great Suggestions On How To Write A 5-Page Essay In One Night

Essays are intended to either inform the reader of a particular event or incident, or tell a story. There are different ways of approaching the construction of an essay and any can be used unless instructed differently by your school or university. These formats can be found easily via an online search. To write a 5 page essay in one night will take some creativity and a little efforts but it can be done. Here are five tips that should be helpful in your attempt to write a 5-page essay in one night:

  1. Pick an easy topic
  2. Choice of topic can greatly influence the ease at which you can put your words together. Choose a topic you are both familiar with and have access to a lot of information on. This way you can quickly gather your information without having to look too far. Once you have chosen a suitable topic, this part should be over quickly.

  3. Brainstorm ideas
  4. Take a little time and think about the project as a whole and what you intend the result to be. Try to consider any obstacles you may encounter and take measures to be prepared for them when they arise. This will eliminate the need to have to go somewhere for a missing item or document, which may be time wasting or even impossible depending on the means available to you.

  5. Construct your conclusion and introduction first
  6. The beginning and end of any paper is probably the most important parts since they both play a significant role in deciding the overall effect of your paper. Spend some time to construct them both to give an acceptable effect, you don’t have much time to waste on frills but you can at least make sure you have a sound beginning and ending.

  7. List all the headings of each point you will discuss
  8. When constructing the body of an essay, a technique I find useful is listing all the points I intend to discuss first, then tackling the main writing. This works because deciding on a topic is usually harder than writing on one that’s already decided on.

  9. Prepare the reference section while collecting data
  10. Every paper must have a reference section if information was gathered from sources other than the author’s brain. While collecting your data, take note of the author and other relevant information at that time, eliminating the need to construct a reference section from scratch later.


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