How To Write A Really Good Essay: Five Interesting Ideas

Essays are supposed to be a representation of one’s mind. It is a method through which you chose one particular aspect of your interest and write your opinion about it. Here are five ideas you can consider to write the perfect essay:

  1. Set no boundary in your mind
  2. Open up your mind and explore its various states which are the unconscious , sub-conscious and the conscious. If you take these 3 components and explore them fully then you will be able to discover so many various aspects about yourself that you were previously not aware of. Try to be very clear about what you have in mind and do not over exaggerate in any way. Your information should be well described not glorified.

  3. Keep calm and let the ideas flow through
  4. Stay relaxed and let the ideas open up from within you. Be innovative but don’t force it. Let it come naturally because only then can you write in a manner in which you will bond with the reader. Imagine yourself as a reader and see what would you like to read and what would intrigue you the most. You can only understand the reader when you become the reader and critically analyze your work.

  5. Read and Alter till you get it right
  6. Read, read, and read. Once you have written your essay then read it again and again. This should be done apart from proof reading. Try rephrasing your sentence structures and writing them in a better form of expression. Consider that piece of paper as your playground and throw the ball wherever you think you can hit the goal.

  7. Find yourself in what you write
  8. While you are reading your piece of writing, try to see your reflection in those words. It is important that the reader understands that this piece of writing has come from deep within someone else’s mind and experience.

  9. To simplify exemplify!
  10. Add in examples wherever you think it is required. This will help in fully understanding the idea or experience you were describing

After understanding and making the best use of these steps you will find your writing skills and material to be the ripened fruit of your hard work. Do not limit your journey to one point surely no effort is ever gone wasted and surely, yours won’t either.


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