A List Of Popular Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Argumentative essays can be really fun assignments, especially if you find a topic that really interests you and gets you motivated enough to find some really good evidence to support your position. Here are a few topics for you to use in your college course:

  1. Dress codes should be eliminated from professional office work. If adults can be trusted to vote and go to war, why can’t they make their own choices in how they dress?
  2. Technological innovations should be used carefully. Technology can be very exciting. But sometimes we are too shortsighted and don’t see the potential dangers.
  3. Professional actors make the best poker players in the world. Some could even argue that professional actors shouldn’t be allowed to play the game since bluffing (lying) is such a big part of success.
  4. Metaphors have the power to convince and control people’s minds. Some metaphors have the power to stir emotions in people so much that they are willing to believe anything that follows.
  5. Women should start keeping their maiden names after marriage. In a new age of feminism should people get rid of an old tradition in order to promote women’s independent strength and identity?
  6. Women in combat strengthen military forces and intelligence. The number of male volunteers has decreased but the numbers of women who wish to join the military has risen. Why are we still preventing women from fighting?
  7. Teens should have access to birth control pills. Despite sex education efforts, teenagers are still having sex and getting pregnant. Access to birth control pills can help with the consequences of teen sex.
  8. Using customer surveys is the best way to improve service. Customer surveys offer a great look at what works and what doesn’t when it comes to service. So why don’t more companies use them?
  9. Delegating high responsibilities is the key to effective management. Managers can effectively dole out important responsibilities and keep the workplace in good shape. But is this just a way of avoiding work?
  10. An MBA degree doesn’t always lead to success in a career of business. Despite the recognition and support that comes from earning an MBA degree, it doesn’t always lead to success. Discuss why this is so?
  11. Social media is now the most efficient way of advertising. It’s cheap and it reaches millions of people for a fraction of the cost of traditional and outdated forms of advertisement. How will this change the business of advertising?
  12. Governments should stop giving bailouts to large corporations. When companies declare bankruptcy they should face the consequences of their poor management just like any person would if put in the same situation.

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