Tips to Write a Good Essay in One Day Only

Many students feel like they have forever to complete their essays. However, approaching deadlines do not motivate until the very last day. Then you have to collect yourself and prepare everything in one day only. Impossible is nothing to students if they know what to do. So, do not panic, grab a bottle of water and a chocolate, and the tips below will guide you through the easy steps that you should follow in order to complete your assignment on time.

  1. Think about the topic that you want to cover. Do some reading, run over several books or articles, and take notes of the most interesting ideas and facts you want to mention in the essay.
  2. Then put down the ideas and facts using a mind mapping technique. Prepare a chart that consists of sentences and statements. Do not spend time considering the first and last sentences of each paragraph.
  3. The material you have might seem choppy, so it is necessary to edit the sentences and add words where necessary. Do not use jargon, but write strong lexis where possible.
  4. Type a graft version of the paper. Do not forget to cite the sources. Do it fast and avoid editing and correcting mistakes.
  5. Make sure your essay is long enough to reveal the main points. Do not try to write as much as you can, the main ideas should be stated clearly without too many details. It is recommended to delete the sentences that are not important and do not influence the general meaning. Try to keep it simple and save your supervisor’s time.
  6. Edit the text. Check for spelling, correct mistakes, and find misprints. Fix everything, and then leave the paper for an hour and re-read it one more time. You have a good chance of finding other errors and come up with new ideas.
  7. Complete the formatting and prepare the final essay. Pay special attention to your reference list. Check the formatting and make certain you have cited all the sources in the text appropriately. Study the style manual in order to format them correctly.
  8. Print it down, look carefully at the margins, spacing, and fonts. Make sure that your supervisor can read it easily. It is a good idea to have an extra copy just in case.
  9. Submit your essay and wait for the professor’s feedback. Read all the comments and memorize the mistakes and inaccuracies, so you will not make them again.

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