Suggestions on how to write a well written essay:

Tips and Tricks for a great essay the first time around:


  Writing a well written essay can be something that seems hard to do but it really isn’t, in fact it is rather easy and an essay reveals something about the writer. Every essay you write expresses a part of your personality better than anything else can like your grades or your test scores. There are several different things in which can be done in order to make sure your essay is well written as well as to even improve it. These different aspects that can be done in order to ensure a well written essay are as follows:


  • Define your strengths
  • Consider topics that are popular or that you are passionate about

Complete your first draft

  • Once all of your notes are gathered and your outline has been created, you need to organize your essay and decide what you want included in your essay and what you do not want included in your essay.

Three parts to every essay

  • The introduction- the first paragraph
  • The body- minimum three paragraphs, each paragraph covering a different point
  • The conclusion- the last paragraph

Specifications are key

  • Take a specific angle with the topic you choose

Creativity plays a major role

  • Describe things from a new view or add in a little bit here and there

Be honest

  • Do not write what you think people want to hear, write what you want to say and how you feel, write what you think

Have someone else proofread it

  • Get feedback from a friend or a family member
  • Take their comments into consideration

Proofread and make corrections:

  • Read the essay yourself, catch all of your mistakes and fix them here
  • Also add anything to your essay if want to
  • You can have someone else help you proofread your paper as well

Overall to write a well written essay you need to be sure that it meets all of your requirements, you need to make sure that the introduction is appealing enough to the grab the reader’s attention. You also need to make sure that the points you make in your essay are true and that you have information to back it up. Proofreading your essay once or twice just to make sure everything is perfect and laid out properly is not much to do when it comes to making sure that your essay really is well written.

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