Is It Possible To Check My Essay For Free Online?

So, congratulations are in order. You have finished your essay! You have done a huge amount of proofreading and editing. Your roommate was bribed into reading it, Mom and Dad got two visits in a week to get their opinion, and your best friend put their two cents in. But having a fresh eye never hurts right? Just one more source to tap and make sure that everything is perfect. Is it possible to find a place online to go and do a final check that will not cost you anything? Sure there is! It just depends on the type of checking that you want done. Read on for some information on where to look:

Are you looking to check for grammar and spelling mistakes?

Most software that you are typing into will pick up on spelling mistakes as you go along. Some will even alert you to glaringly obvious grammar mistakes. Run more than one check through your own software before you go looking online. To check for spelling, search for "free spell check" and run your paper through there. Do the same to check for grammar mistakes by searching "free grammar checker".

Are you looking to make sure your essay is 100% original?

Plagiarism carries huge penalties with it, among them the possibility that you may be kicked out of your program of study. There are numerous different plagiarism checking sites available on the internet for free that will check your paper for any duplicate content anywhere on the web. Simply search for "free plagiarism checker" and pick a site. To cover all of your bases, consider running the entire paper through two or more of these sites.

Are you looking to make sure it is formatted in the proper style?

There are several different styles in which your professor may have asked you to write your essay in. Among the possible choices are Chicago, MLA, APA, Turabian, and AMA. Each one is quite different so it is essential to know what your professor prefers and how to do it properly. If you have been told to use the APA format for example, simply search the following keyword, "examples of APA essays in social science, psychology, education, etc.". Once you have found some examples, go through a couple to see how they are written and cited. Alternatively you can also search for "how to write in APA format". Make sure that your essay follows all of the guidelines exactly.


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