Crafting A Narrative Essay Thesis Statement: A Quick Guide

A narrative essay thesis statement encapsulates the central idea of the same in a few sentences. Therefore, you should clearly present the topic or the central idea in this statement only. It should also clear your stance in regards to the topic at hand. Your readers should clearly understand what the write-up is all about by reading this statement only. Therefore, you should be extra careful while writing this part of the paper.

  • What is the purpose served?
  • Every academic paper has a central idea, a focal point, or a central message. The information you will state in your paper should revolve around this central idea. The statement, therefore, sets the direction of your arguments. This section captures your stance on the topic at hand.

  • Where should you place your statement?
  • You need to write the statement early. If it’s a relatively shorter write-up, you may include the statement in the introduction section and if it’s a longer one, you may include it in the second paragraph. Do not write a statement in the middle of a paper or a paragraph as you will fail to capture the reader’s attention if you do this. Be very specific and avoid using vague words and too many adjectives.

  • Have you written a clear and concise statement?
  • If you have already written a statement, you need to check whether you have written it correctly. Here’s how to do that. First off, check whether you have connected or adjoined longer sentences with conjunctions. If yes, split it up in two sentences. Is the focus unsettled or is the statement not clear? If yes, you need to clear the clutter and send your message in an unambiguous manner.

  • Do not write general statement
  • You need to state the crux of the topic in your statement. Hence, you should not waste your time and energy in writing generic statements. Instead, be as specific as possible and write an essay statement that truly captures the reader’s attention.

  • Reveal your stance
  • It is also important for you to reveal your position in regards to the topic in the opening statement only. Do not make any judgement, but array the facts in a nutshell and state your position clearly.

Lastly, be prepared to edit and tweak the thesis statement once you are done with writing the entire paper. This is because you may feel the need to edit some parts of it, add or modify the facts etc.

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