Creating An Expository Essay Introduction: Tips And Examples

An expository essay it will require more than just a superficial research. You need to choose a suitable topic, to make extensive research that will give you a broad knowledge of the subjects and to expose an argument related to the subject. It is difficult, but it can be done in a very professional manner if you pay attention to the most important elements. While grammar and punctuation are important, the structure of the essay is one of the crucial parts that you need to take care of. We will give you some tips on how to create a great expository essay introduction and how to carry out the rest of your paper.

  • Choose your topic carefully. You need to be able to create a valid argument and to support a clear idea on this issue. It needs to be a matter that is concerning for your teachers and to provide enough data to make your text a very informative one. Anything that is vague or too superficial will not be suitable for this work.
  • Keep your introduction short enough. While you still need to provide a good amount of information, you should not write more than a few lines. In the end, it is just the primary part of your essay, and it should not reveal the content from the first paragraphs.
  • Make sure it is engaging. The first sections need to expose the main subject of the article, to provide a small amount of information and to be engaging. The reader has to be interested to read after he saw the first part of your text. If it is too long, too short or it is not connected to the topic, your professors will not be satisfied.
  • Respect the structure and create a conclusion. The conclusion of your essay is equally as important as your introduction. Here you are allowed to mention your own opinion, and you must create a short, concise resume of the content of your paper. Make sure that both of these elements are structured in a chronologic order.
  • Make a valid argument. The case that you create in your writing is maybe the key factor of your paper. Without the argument, the paper would not be an expository essay. Therefore, make sure you support your idea with verified information that are relevant to the issue and that you consider all points of view regarding this matter.

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