Free Essay Examples: Proper Use And Handy Advice For Students

While essay examples (free and otherwise abound, it takes some skill to translate an example into a good quality original essay. You can have the best examples at hand but if you do not know how to use them to your advantage, they are useless for you! Like all skills, essay writing is one that requires patient practice and experience. For inexperienced students, an example can serve as a guide to proper essay writing. Here are some suggestions that you might find helpful:

  1. Read an instruction manual about the type of essay you are about to write. Essay types differ vastly from each other. You do not really need to be descriptive in an argument essay and vice versa. You can find many how-to guides online about all types of essay. Read the instructions and make notes before you start with the example essay.
  2. Check your example essay to confirm that it is the right type. What use is a process analysis essay sample if you are about to write a literature review? Make sure to have the RIGHT essay examples at hand.
  3. Read the example to get a feeling of it. Underline and mark areas that are important for you. See how the paragraphs start and end, and how they connect with each other.
  4. See how the theme and tone of the essay is maintained from start to end.
  5. Notice the introductory lines. Do they grab your attention?
  6. Make a list of interesting starting lines that can keep your reader hooked to read further.
  7. Divide the example into its constituent parts: Introduction, body, evidence, and conclusion.
  8. Notice how the essay ends. Is there a thought provoking last sentence to keep the reader thinking? Make a list of such sentences for your own essay.
  9. Make an outline of your own essay. Write the main points and evidence paragraphs first.
  10. Write the introduction following the lead of your example essay.
  11. Write the conclusion and end with a solid punch line.

Your essay is bound to be a success if you follow the simple advice given above. You can always ask friends and teachers for help, or ask an academic writing service to assist you through the process for better results. Not everyone is a natural at writing, so do not hesitate in asking!


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