The Layout Of A Five-Paragraph Essay: Helpful Tips

Five-paragraph essay is a most common form of essay. Every student should know the basic format. Almost every college and university asks for such papers.


A five-paragraph essay is a standard form of paper hence; every student should know the basic format. The five paragraphs are.

  • The introduction or introductory paragraph
  • The second, third and fourth paragraph

If you want to grab the reader’s attention, you must start your introductory paragraph with a question. It is the start of your assignment therefore; it has to be written very carefully. It is the nucleus of your paper. You are going to give your thesis statement hence it needs special attention. The basic format remains the same for any grade whether you are studying at college level or university level.

After giving your main idea or thesis statement, list down three strong evidences or supporting ideas. Then each of the idea will be expanded in each of three paragraphs.

  • Write your main idea in the first line.
  • Next step is to give arguments to support your main idea.
  • Then, prove your supporting ideas with the help of evidences. These details include statistical data, quotes, and references.

The above points are appropriate for your second, third and fourth paragraph. The method applied to these paragraphs is the same but the information you are adding would be different, because these three paragraphs make the body.

Important tips to remember

  • Three supporting evidences and thesis statement should be written in the introductory paragraph.
  • Rewrite your thesis statement in the last paragraph (conclusion).
  • Your last line should have a transitional hook, in order to relate to the next paragraph and to engage the reader.
  • Your conclusion should have your three strong ideas (supporting evidences). However, one should never a new idea in the conclusion.
  • One theme should be followed throughout the entire essay.
  • Be clear in your ideas, so that the reader could completely understand your point.
  • The standard length is 500-800 words. Your essay should not exceed this limit.
  • Purpose of writing your assignment should be kept in mind.
  • Always mention source and method of research.

Above tips are very helpful in writing an informative essay. You can use these tips carefully to write your own paper and impress your teachers. Remember that your teacher will only give you a higher grade if it meets all the requirements as specified by her.

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