How to Create a Perfect Descriptive Essay

Most know what a Descriptive Essay, is, but do they know the different types of Descriptive Essays? In knowing that a descriptive essay is describing something, there are different ways of describing them. Sometimes a perfect descriptive essay, is doing it a different way than most. So this tutorial will be how to work outside the common box, and use different styles to create a perfect descriptive essay. Look at these variances, as compared to the standard book reports, and reviews.

  1. Mechanical
  2. Operational
  3. Ecological
  4. Functional


In a Mechanical Descriptive Essay, the target here is not the looks, or so much what it is used for, but how it works. Describing the parts, and how they work together, to create a functional piece of equipment. As an example, a Mechanical Descriptive Essay, might be on a “Jet Engine”, and how it powers the flight of a plane.


An Operational Descriptive Essay, is different from Mechanical, in that this covers, how it is actually used, not how it works. So back to our Plane topic, might be on “How a Plane is Flown”. In this one the student would go over the instruments, and what they tell the pilot, and how the controls are used. They might cover what purpose the plane they are using is used for, and any other useful information. They would have to go into many descriptive sub-parts, like; what the instrument panel looks like, how the controls feel when flying, what procedures a pilot has to go through before flight, and any other issue the student can bring into the essay.


In an Ecological Descriptive Essay, the student wants to take something, an animal, a plant, a River, whatever. Then describe how it works in the ecology, what role it plays, what effects it has, all of its environmental roles. Basically to draw a picture with words on what all aspects are affected by the subject. As an example, the student might write about a Musk Ox, and cover what its role in the environment is, how it affects the ecology of the area it lives.


In a Functional Descriptive Essay, the student wants to cover the function of an item. In this, what is it used for, how does it benefit life, what is its purpose. As an example, a student might write about an x-ray machine, and describe how it is used, how it helps Doctors see what is wrong inside of a person.

The more information, the better the essay.


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