What are the good topics for a persuasive essay 

When you are in school one of the top papers you will write is a persuasive essay. Even though some of the papers may have a different title or theme you are still required to persuade. That is why learning early how to pick good topics for and write a persuasive essay can come in handy throughout the duration of your academic career.

“Good” topics for any paper are really those which can be adequately researched and argued in the space that is allotted. For example: if you have a 2 page persuasive essay you don’t want to try and persuade your reader that schools need to alter their standardized testing programs. You won’t have enough room to present all of the data. You might be better off explaining testing anxiety and the rate of occurrence in your school or why schools should include healthier snacks. You want to be able to cover it in h space you have.

If you are struggling to come up with a good topic consider the examples below:

For all of these examples your job is to persuade your reader in one direction or the other on the topic. You can focus on it being good versus bad or being beneficial or harmful:

  • Green energy
  • Climate change
  • Abortions
  • Birth control
  • Legal drinking age
  • Health care
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Elderly care

You can free up writer’s block by starting each writing session with a free write. This free write gives you the chance to clear out any thoughts that have been juggling around in your mind. It gives you the opportunity to clear your brain and allow creativity to flow. Sometimes writer’s block is the result of a lack of engagement with the work in front of you. You might need a reminder of why you are working on the paper in the first place. If this is a regular occurrence then try and write it out and then post it in your particular workspace. Have your reasons listed where you can easily see them. This will make it much easier for you to remember your purpose and get back on the motivational track. Because it is such a long and engaged process time can really take a toll and prevent you from being able to see the big picture. Whenever you are tunneled like this remember to take a step back and remember what makes this particular project so awesome and meaningful to you.


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