Composing strong college cause and effect essay topics

A cause and effect essay topic should be something that you find interesting. It should be something that you have often debated personally. It should be something about which you want to write and become an expert. When you reach college your topics obviously must have more depth to them. They have to be strong and they have to include more supporting evidence for your claims. Your claims have to be less generalized in order to achieve success. This is what is expected of you once you pick a topic in college.

So when you are composing strong college cause and effect essay topics, try to follow these steps pick your own position on the topic and know the general purpose of your essay.

  1. Figure out who your audience is going to be and how they will see your position.
  2. Do research and go beyond your own knowledge, experience, and opinions.
  3. Structure the essay and keep the topic, audience, and your overall purpose in mind.

Here are some essential criteria for producing an effective argument

  • Make sure you are informed about your topic and try to add your own knowledge. Do a lot of research and take a lot of notes.
  • Try and test the thesis that you put out. It is going to have to have a couple of sides and be up for debate.
  • Disprove the argument of the other side and understand their viewpoint with counters.
  • Support your own position using evidence that you found in the research that you did.

Here are some methods you can utilize to help support your argument

Facts – This is a good way to convince people. It can come from reading, observation, or even from your own experience.

Note – Don’t confuse facts with the truth. Truth is an idea but it cannot be proven. This is a tough concept to grasp.

Statistics – These provide some good support for your argument. Make sure they come from good sources and always cite them.

Quotes – Direct quotes from experts in the field always bolster what you say.

Examples – These are the things that you use to prove your ideas and make the meaning more important. Proof.

The topic of the essay is going to be debatable and it is important that you choose a topic which is interesting to you personally.


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