15 uncommon causes and effects essay topics

The cause and effect essays are very popular in high school, especially where teachers try to test the analytical, writing and the creative skills of the students. The cause and effect essays are basically aimed at producing the reasons and results of a certain type of event which you have chosen to write. As an example, if your topic is air pollution, then you have to say about the causes (reasons) of air pollution and also the effects (results) of the air pollution.

Why choosing an uncommon causes and effects essay topic is the need of the hour:

As discussed earlier that the causes and effects essays are very popular in high school so all the common essay topics have been attempted a lot of times and for this reason choosing a common essay topic is not challenging. Students can easily research them on the web and can simply write it down with not much of a research. This makes it important for the students and the schools as well to ask students to choose only the uncommon topics so that they can be evaluated on the basis of their research that they carried on an uncommon cause and effect essay which hasn’t been researched much before.

15 uncommon causes and effects essay topics:

The following is a list of 15 uncommon causes and effects essay which you will not be able to find easily over the web:

  1. How a relationship of a girl with her dad does affects her relationships with other men?
  2. How the life of kids is affected if their parents are either very rich or very famous?
  3. What are the main causes of children rebelling against their parents in their teenage?
  4. Does birth order of kids affect their personality?
  5. Why close relationships in a family are inevitable?
  6. Why sibling rivalry is becoming a norm these days?
  7. Why kids’ intervention is important when their parents are looking for a divorce?
  8. How can a teacher affect the personal life of a student?
  9. What are the reasons of capital punishment being so worse?
  10. What are the reasons behind students cheating in exams and assignments?
  11. What are the effects and causes of sexual discrimination?
  12. What are the causes and effects of religious discrimination?
  13. Why should reality shows be banned?
  14. What are the reasons of having a fixed monthly domestic budget?
  15. Why cultural shocks are not so shocking these days?

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