How to write an intro paragraph for an essay: 5 things to keep in mind

Present your topic in a catchy way

The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay and it will deliver a first impression to your reader. This is where you have to present your topic to the reader in a way that they develop an interest.

It should be able to hook your reader

A writer should be able to engage his audience and build curiosity for more. After you successfully present the topic in a catchy way, you need to carry that impression. You must be able to give enough value to your readers so that they stay with your professional paper.

It must explain what the rest of the essay is about

The introduction of your essay needs to show what your topic is all about. You have to give an overview in a precise manner so that the readers know what to expect from your essay. Make sure you do not give an idea about the conclusion of your essay. This is not an abstract, it is the introduction, and it needs to stay that way.

Choose your approach carefully

Professional writers adopt different approaches to an introduction. The type of the approach they chose depends upon the type and purpose of the essay. You can choose between a historical review, a famous celebrity, an anecdote, relevant statistics etc. This will help you hook your audience to the essay. Make sure you choose the right approach for your introduction because this will decide whether the readers stay with you or not.

Make sure the transition is smooth

It is very important to maintain the overall flow of your paper. The reader should not feel lie there is a gap between your writing. Sometimes it can so happen that when you read a paper you feel like it does not deliver a clear meaning. Alternatively, that the paragraphs are too jumbled up and do not deliver an appropriate answer. The reason is that not all writers know how to add transitional hooks by the end of a paragraph or between sentences. You need to make sure that transition between your sentences is smooth and the reader does not feel awkward. In addition, you should add a transitional hook by the end of your introduction paragraph so that the reader knows what will be the on the coming paragraph.


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