10 Fresh Ideas For Your Cause And Effect Essay

Need a new and fresh idea for your cause and effect essay assignment? We can help with that. We have done a little brainstorming so that you can spend less time thinking of your topic, and more time researching and writing your essay about it!

  1. What Caused You To Choose Your Field Of Study?
  2. Why are you in the program that you are currently enrolled in? What made you decide to take up studies in your field? Was it for love or money?

  3. What Causes Insomnia?
  4. Are the primary causes of insomnia mental, physical, or is it a hereditary illness? Does insomnia come and go? Is it considered a disease, and if so, is it treatable?

  5. How Does Weak Political Leadership Effect A Country's Economy?
  6. What happens when a lame duck leader takes over as the political head of state? Are there predictable or lasting effects? You could always use a specific case study to better prove your point.

  7. Does Strong Corporate Leadership Have An Effect On Staff Morale?
  8. Do strong business leaders encourage innovation and inspire their underlings, or smother their creativity?

  9. What Are The Effects Of Desertification?
  10. Desertification is a major issue in many areas of Africa. How does it effect the ecology, economy or even political stability of a region?

  11. What Were The Effects Of The Recent Tsunami On Japan's Economy?
  12. Natural disasters are occurring with increased frequency around the world. Pick one recent catastrophe and examine the effects that it had on the people and places where it took place.

  13. What Are The Causes For Rising Energy Prices In Europe?
  14. Is it political instability in Eastern Europe that is responsible for an increase in energy costs across Europe? Has Russia's involvement caused the instability?

  15. What Are The Effects Of A High Sodium Diet?
  16. Health issues, particularly ones that are in the public eye, often make good topics for cause and effect essays.

  17. What Are The Effects Of Smoking Marijuana?
  18. You could examine the health, social or “happy factor” effects that smoking marijuana has on individuals, or society as a whole.

  19. What Causes Young People To Start Smoking Pot?

Are we bored? Stressed out over the heavy course loads that we must complete as part of our studies? Are the academic expectations of university life the cause for people to pick up drug habits? You could try arguing it in your next cause and effect assignment!


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