Finding A Top-Quality Short Essay Example: Helpful Advice

Finding an example of a top-quality essay is difficult online, since anyone can dress their writing up as an essay, and hit the right keywords to bring it very high up on search engine results. It is even harder to find a short essay, since many tend to be long. However with this helpful advice, you should be able to find a top quality short essay.


Due to the fact that there is a proliferation of many long essays on the Internet, you have to know the main details of what sets a short essay apart from a long one to know when you see a top quality example. Length is not the only distinguishing factor between a long essay and a short one; the content plays a big role as well. Short essays are straight to the point, and you have to be very succinct with your words. A short essay typically is no longer than around 1000-1500 words; this is the typical accepted definition of a ‘’short essay’’, although slightly more is acceptable.

The way to see if a short essay is the cream of the crop is to see how efficiently you can understand the point of the essay. If you can read it in one go and clearly and fully understand the point being made, then you know it is a good short essay example. Short essays also include links to many current affairs and research relevant to the topic of discussion, as this helps in providing their viewpoint quickly, while still remaining short.


Due to the fact that short essays have to make a point and justify it in a few words, the layout also needs to be efficient. The typical layout of an essay will be such as:

  • Introduction
  • – make it very clear what it is that you are going to discuss.
  • Main body
  • - This is usually split such as one paragraph focusing on a pro and one on a con.
  • Conclusion
  • – A quick summary of what is being discussed and a strong closing of argument.

With the discussed points in mind, you can use search engines such as Google to see examples of essay that fit the aforementioned criteria. There are many examples that will pop up in search engines so be sure to research the validity of those examples and the sites they are hosted on. For a professional company that provides top-quality examples try this site.


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