How To Write A Simple Essay In A Few Hours

When it comes to writing essays, sometimes time is of the essence. Perhaps you have a heavy course load and you didn't manage to get a jump start on an important paper like you hoped you would. The due date is tomorrow, and you're wondering how you can possibly get it done to the standard that is expected. How can you quickly and effectively organize your ideas and get the essay written?

Exams are another time when it is essential that you be able come up with a quality piece of work, in a strictly limited period of time. Here are some points to remember the next time you have just a few hours to come up with an essay.

  • Have A Plan
  • Take a deep breath, and organize your thoughts. Some people find it helps to draw a “map”, or write a few key points off the top of their head. Do not spend time writing a highly detailed outline, but do come up with one to follow and consult as you write.

    One way to do this is to take a piece of paper and draw a stack of boxes. Each box will represent a paragraph of your essay. It is possible that you may have been instructed to compose a 5 paragraph format essay. So you would have five boxes. One at the top for the introduction, three for supporting paragraphs, and one at the bottom of the page for your conclusion.

  • What Is Your Thesis?
  • Decide what your thesis will be. Take the time to get this part right. A good essay must have a well-defined thesis. It must clearly state what the position is that you are planning to defend, or the topic that will be up for analysis.

  • Create Your Essay Structure
  • Now that you have your thesis, write it at the top of your “introduction” box. What points or facts will you use to prove your thesis? Write them in as well. For each point you will need a supporting paragraph. Number the boxes that are below the introduction box to correspond to the main points you will be making. Write each point inside it's box.

  • Fill In The Boxes
  • In point form, add information that you will include in each paragraph as you compose your essay The introduction will state your thesis and the main points you will be using to defend it. The conclusion will wrap up your essay, leaving the reader thoroughly in agreement of your thesis. Each of the body, or supporting paragraphs should be “SEXI”. This stands for statement, explanation, example and importance.

  • Write The Essay
  • Using your notes and boxes as a guide while writing your essay. Keep checking back with your plan to ensure you don't get off track and waste time. Use clear, concise terminology and avoid lengthy sentences and paragraphs that go on forever. Keep calm and focused, and you'll be fine.

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