Finding Good Essay Topics for College

Finding good topics for a college essays can seem daunting. You want to be original but you also want to be sure you are able to find good content in order to write a great essay. Here are a few good essay topic ideas for your college essay to get your creative juices flowing:

Cash-strapped institution. If your institution finds itself low on annual funds, do you think it’s reasonable to cut out social events before other programs are cut? What would be the most fair way to handle this situation?

Animal experimentation. Cosmetic companies, medical researchers, and other groups will perform some type of experimentation on animals before they release products for human use or consumption. Do you agree with these practices and do you see any alternatives that more people can be in-support of? Or is animal testing perfectly reasonable?

Cloning humans. This is a very controversial topic. Since scientists were able to successfully clone the sheep Dolly years ago, there has been fear that cloning would be misused. Others believe that this is a natural progression of human intelligence and capabilities. Where do you stand on this issue and what evidence exists to support your opinions?

Charity and volunteer work. Many high-school and college-aged students volunteer their personal time to help others out, either through churches, non-profit organization, or some other charitable opportunities. Do you support these efforts? Should you convince others to find volunteer opportunities in the community?

Supporting causes. Different from charity, many people get very passionate in support of some cause that may require some volunteer work such as environmental causes or supporting release of international prisoners. Are you actively in support of a specific cause and why do you think people should get behind your opinions?

Giving children allowance. Many parents give their children some type of allowance – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. – because they believe it teaches them financial responsibility from an early age or because they believe it’s a reward for achievement or good behavior. Do you agree with any one reason or the other? Do you agree with children receiving a standard allowance in the first place?

All-girl schools gain popularity. All-girl schools have been gaining a lot of popularity in momentum in the last twenty years because of the growing belief that girls can learn better when they aren’t being bullied, intimidated or competing with boys. Can you support this belief? Are single-sex schools a good idea?


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