How To Find A Service Where I Can Have My Essays Edited For Free

It's one thing to write a stellar essay (your research is solid and you make a compelling statement) but it will be all for not if you fall down on your editing skills. This is when many students enlist the help of an editing service; however, they are not always cheap. If you are in need of a free editing service, check out the following tips to help you in your search.

The "Write" People

If you are in a college or university, you may be able to enlist the help of an English student to help you cleanup your paper. Ask around for anyone in this program to see if they would be willing to go through your essay to catch any grammatical or repetitive areas. This will not only be helpful to you, but you may even find someone that is willing to do it over coffee for free.


Asking a professor if they know of someone that is capable and willing to look over your essay is another avenue to pursue. These trained professionals will have a good bead on the pulse of the school and may know of someone that can help you out. Never underestimate the power of a professor, some may even be willing to do the editing for you.

Online Programs or Services

You can find anything you need on the internet and editing services are no exception. However, be wary of the ones that are free, as they can be inferior; you get what you pay for… When browsing through your options check out sites that end in edu or gov as they are most likely to be helpful and legit. If you are having trouble finding a good source, ask around or look at the reviews students have given a particular site before making your final decision.

A Fresh Eye

Although, not a service parsay, a fresh eye may be a good start on correcting some of those errors you have overlooked. When we work on a paper for any length of time, we tend to fail to see the otherwise glaring errors. Enlist the help of a classmate, parent or friend when it comes time to editing your paper. You may be surprised at how good they are.

Don't write a winning paper, but miss out on the grade due to simple editing errors. Follow these tips to finding a free editing service and bring home the "A" you deserve.


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