Creating an analysis essay outline: organizing your working time

When you are writing an analysis essay and an outline it is important that you organize your working time.

By doing that you need to set up a calendar. Mark the final due date for the essay. Set up mini milestones for the reading of the item you are analyzing and then for the research you are doing. You should set up milestones for the writing process. Set a date for writing your outline. Set a date for writing your rough draft. Set a date for finishing your final date. Set a date for editing the process.

Some other things you can include the following tips and tricks:

  • Start on your project as early as you can. You want to ensure you give yourself enough time to make edits and to have a day off of writing. Prepare for the worst. Why put off until tomorrow the work you could do today? Consider this: you are assigned a research paper and you have two weeks to do it. Instead of getting started and having it done by the time your weekend rolls around you put it off and do not even pick a topic until the start of the second week. Then you have a family emergency or you have to go to your sibling’s soccer game which runs late leaving you no time to finish the paper. You end up staying up the night before it is due and still fail to finish on time. Your teacher will not be very lenient with an extension if you have hardly any effort to show and it is clear that you did not plan ahead or prepare. If instead you finished some of the project the first week it was assigned then having a family emergency the second week will not interfere with your ability to finish on time or at the very least you have a rough draft to send to your teacher with an explanation as to the family emergency.
  • Try and review as many samples as you can. Familiarize yourself with the work you are being asked to do. Ask for help or guidance if you need it. Even talking to friends or family members about a potential topic can help you to improve the way you articulate your argument and will help you form a solid thesis.

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