Writing tips - where to get high-quality essay samples

One of the best ways to improve your ability to write essays is to study other essays. You want to spend far less time looking at bad essays and far more time looking at high-quality samples. But there's a catch here. You need to know what is good about an essay and then look for those good points when you study the samples.

So what are the good points that you're looking for in a high-quality essay sample? There are a number of things which include the choice of topic, the structure of the essay and obviously its contents. If the person writing the essay is passionate about the topic then that shows in their writing. If they have little or no interest in the topic then that too shows in their writing. You choose a topic you really want to write about.

Then there is the structure of the high-quality essay sample. You need to know about the structure so you can look forward and see how it is used in the sample. You need to know about the components such as the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. You need to know about the thesis statement and how a single main point is used in each of the body paragraphs. When you know about those things and you look for them in the sample, it reinforces your understanding of writing well.

Obviously the content of the actual essay is what will make it a high-scoring and well-written piece of literature. So looking at the topic and the structure you then read the contents. Does the prose flow? Does one paragraph lead into the next? Is the claim made in the thesis statement supported by the content throughout the essay? All of these points are relevant and when you understand them, they will give you the knowledge to present an equally good essay.

Where can you find these high-quality essay samples?

You can find them in your school or college library and many teachers or professors have their own website where they post samples of work produced by the students. Even your own college or school website may have high-quality essay samples. But by and large the greatest number of samples can be found online. Use your search engine to look for high-quality essay samples. Make sure that the source providing the samples has a high reputation and then you can learn from the experts.


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