Picking Up Original Essay Topics: Useful Advice & Great Ideas

You know how you feel when your classmate reads an extremely boring essay? You already heard these ideas many times and all you want is to make him stop. Well, this is what happens when you choose a very common topic for your composition. People are not motivated to listen to you in any way, and your professor is trying very hard to not interrupt you. If you want to make them pay attention you have to write about something original, that will make them interested. Read these advices to find something good enough:

  • Write about a controversial topic. Here you can include many concepts, from death penalty to globalization and marijuana legalization. The point is that almost everyone has a strong opinion about these things and they are ready to share it and support it! They will also be curious to know what other people think about this, so they will listen to you carefully.
  • Discuss about something you have in common. What if you make an essay about your school and how you can improve it? They will come up with new ideas to support your topic, they will discuss in the class about your essay and your professor will be thrilled. Besides, you have a great chance to take a good grade since your composition can bring benefits to your school.
  • Bring something new in discussion. Most of your classmates spend all their time on the Internet, so it’s not easy to find something unknown for them. However, if you do find something completely new and you discuss about it in your essay, you can be sure that they will listen to you without blinking. Teenagers are curious in nature, so take advantage of this and make them pay attention to you.
  • Take an interview from someone. It does not matter what your essay is about; you can always find a specialist to discuss with. This will make everyone listen to your composition, because they will be very curious about what that other person has to say. Even more, if you want to make a trick, you can place the interview at the end of your composition. They will have to listen to your every word if they want to find out more about that specialist. Try to be very exact when you quote someone in your text; no one wants to listen to wrong information.

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