Writing A Winning Narrative Essay About Your First Day At College In Five Simple Steps

Your English composition class teacher might be giving you an assignment about your first day at college. The request may be to write a narrative essay about that initial experience. Please understand that what the teacher is doing is exposing you to various styles of writing. You will discover that there is a narrative, the descriptive, and a reflective style among other forms of writing. You can write a great narrative essay about those first 24 hours of college experience following a few basic steps.

  1. You Are in the First Person. You are the narrator and the reader should know that right from the start. Second person is a mistake and you should not use that all in the narrative.
  2. Do Not Overdo It. This is not a “how – to” exercise. You certainly want to construct the scene and paint a picture, but keep it as simple as possible. The reader wants to walk with you through that first day of college. Giving very minute details of everything terms of walk into a crawl and you don’t want that to happen.
  3. Be Familiar with Your Reader. This is a narrative about you, and it doesn’t have to be stiff and formal. You are talking about a day in life and not a medical condition. Using slang words are appropriate and idioms are not a problem as long as either do not dominate the text.
  4. Keep it Clear. You do not need to be using complex language or sentence structures. Always remember that this is a story about one day in your life. Greater clarity makes it all much more interesting.
  5. Highlight What Was Interesting about the Day. When you think about that first day of college here are so many things that happened, and not all of them are worth writing about. You should mentally go over that day and decide which activities are worth being interested in. Getting the parking permit isn’t really that interesting; discovering your roommate knows some your friends is more interesting.

You can have fun writing this narrative. It is a homework assignment but it is one that can bring back some very funny episodes that took place. There may also be some sentimental things such as saying goodbye your parents you want to include. It is a day in your life that was very important. You started down the road to a college degree, which by itself is a life changer.


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