Learning how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay

The introductory paragraph can be a difficult one for many students. Part of the reason it becomes so challenging is that many students wrongly believe they have to write the introductory paragraph before they move on to the rest of the essay. This is incorrect. Just because the introduction comes first in your essay does not mean you have to write it first. In fact, a lot of successful writers have avoided the introduction until the end of their paper. Part of this is due to the fact that your body and main arguments may still need development. They might still be altered as you write. You don’t know the direction your paper may lead you and having saved the introduction until the end means you won’t have to go back and rewrite your introduction to include the new direction your argument took.

If you are a student who cannot progress until the introduction is finished though, it may be best to write something short and sweet and leave it until you have finished the rest of the work. At that point, you can go back and review your work, making any changes.

If you are struggling to write your introductory paragraph it might be good for you to review multiple samples. You can find introductory paragraphs in professional and peer reviewed articles published online or in journals. You can read over sample essays and see how they crafted the introduction to fit with the article. See how it works in tandem with the conclusion to really frame the key arguments in the paper.

But of course, before you write your introduction, you need to pick a topic. If you are struggling to pick a topic, you can review the list below. These topics may prove quite helpful for you:

  • Are there any remaining ethical issues in the world of clothing and textile manufacturing?If so, is it the responsibility of the company hiring overseas to ensure wages and standards are high or is it the responsibility of the governments?
  • Has the fair trade movement affected manufacturing?
  • Ebola
  • Ethics of pharmaceutical contracts
  • Ethics of hiring manufacturing overseas
  • How urbanization has changed the natural world
  • Whether TSA is taking things too far
  • Whether wind energy is actually efficient
  • Has streaming of videos online affected how advertising works in modern society?

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