A Guide On How To Create A Thesis Statement For An Expository Essay

To be able to make research is very important for your education, as well as the ability to explain something in clear and concise way. You will have to use these skills when you write expository essays, and follow the requirements of this kind of composition. One of the elements that you have to consider is the thesis statement. These guidelines will show you how to do this and much more:

  • Write your thesis statement before you write your introduction or the body of the composition. Since this element needs to be completely related to the main claim of your composition, you can use it to build your essay around it. Once you decided what is the main idea that you want to analyze you can start working on all the other parts.
  • Always place it after the introduction. The first lines can be vague for some readers, especially if you tried to make them more exciting and mysterious. The statement will make the reader understand completely what is the topic of your composition.
  • Don’t write more than one or two lines. This element is supposed to connect the introduction to the body of the text. If you write more than this it will be confusing for the reader and the text will not have a great structure. Keep it simple and short.
  • Check if it provides an argument. In the thesis you don’t just have to mention the topic of the composition, but also let the reader know what is your idea and how you are planning to support it in the body of the text. It can be your personal opinion or a perspective that you agree with. Either way, it has to motivate the reader to bring you arguments against it or to agree with you. If the reader is not tempted to have any response when he reads this part, then you did something wrong.
  • Keep it as guidance for the rest of the text. At some point you might lose your inspiration and forget what was the subject in the first place. Just get back to this part and see what the purpose of your text is and why you are writing about this. Something so simple can bring you back on track in just a few seconds.

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