3 great ideas to apply to your essay: writing an introduction paragraph

An introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of your essay. It introduces the idea of your essay to your reader. A good introduction paragraph will create interest in your reader to continue through the rest of the article. You can write a good one by providing facts, definitions, quotations etc. The introduction has to be well written with good grammar and vocabulary to capture the attention of the reader. It must excite the interest of the reader. The following are 3 great ideas to apply to your introductory paragraph of your essay.

  1. Good first sentence
  2. The first sentence of your essay has to grab the attention of your reader, if it is not interesting then you audience will not be motivated to continue reading the rest. You can write a good first sentence by asking a question which will make the reader to continue reading the remaining part of the article to find the answer. You can also write a good first sentence by using a quotation from an eminent personality. In the first sentence you can define a phrase or keyword.

  3. Literary summary
  4. Another great idea of writing an introductory paragraph is by briefly summarizing the literary work you are writing on. You have to introduce the bibliographic facts of the work and then summarize the purpose of the work. You must simply introduce the overall theme of the essay. Try to focus on one theme which relates to your thesis. Try to connect your theme summary in a sensible and natural way. The introductory paragraph has to provide the hints of the main sections of your essay. Briefly mention the ideas in the introduction which will support your thesis.

  5. Corrective introduction
  6. In your introductory paragraph you can mention something which people believe by mistake. When you choose to write a corrective introduction you have to ensure you clarify your readers that this belief is inaccurate. When you are done with stating that reader’s belief is wrong, you must immediately provide a sentence about the correct version or truth about the wrong belief. Try to elaborate a little on the truth of the sentence. Provide any facts or evidence to correct your statement about the truth. After you provide a general topic introduction and the supporting evidence, you have to make a definite thesis statement about what you will further discuss in your essay. This statement is a single sentence which defines an idea about the broad topic you shall cover in the rest of the essay.

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