Advice For Students On How To Write An Argumentative Essay In 30 Minutes

It is doubtful that you will ever have to write a full essay in thirty minutes. But if for some reason you must, then follow our 30-minute essay guideline.

  • Pick the Topic (2 minutes)-this part must be done quickly. Pick a topic in two minutes or less time. Start by thinking about the topics you love and all ready know something about, this will help the process.
  • Choose three Main Points (3 minutes)-you need to make sure that the main points will have proper support. If you can pick them in a minute, then you can scan online in the last two minutes for facts and support. If one point is weaker than the others, but the weaker one in between the stronger ones.
  • Write a brief Outline (10 minutes)-this is the most important part of the process. You will follow this guide, so it must be thorough and detailed. It is your road map to a successful 30-minute paper. If the outline is weak, then the paper will end up being weak.
  • Write the Paper (10 minutes)- You must write or type the essay in 10 minutes or less. Try to keep your errors to a minimum. It sounds weird, but writing slow will enable you to finish and to finish with less errors. Keep calm and then write.
  • Proof and Polish It (5 minutes)-go back and scan the composition. Try to correct as many errors as you can. If you use spellchecker, then hopefully the spelling will be okay. You can then focus on content, structure, and comprehension.

If you have any time left over at all, then you can slowly read and edit. You may, at the most, have 2-3 surplus minutes in which to polish the composition. Do not try to do a complete overall of the paper; you will not have the time span in which to finish it. Just make small and subtle corrections.

Along with our 30-minute plan for writing an argumentative paper, you will want to remember a few other things. You must follow the teacher’s instructions, meet the deadline, and use the correct format. Your paper will be size 12 font, double-spaced, and it needs to prove the thesis statement. Keep your emotions in check and make sure that the main point proves your thesis statement.


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