How To Organize An Illustration Essay: Basic Tutorial

An illustration essay will illustrate or explain to the reader a process, event, or idea. The words have to be precise and specific, but the writer must be careful to not sound like he or she is listing the process or items. The paper can be boring to read if it is not sprinkled with background information and interesting details. Follow our tutorial using the basic organizations tips.


  • Pick your topic-spend time picking a topic that interests you. It can be a topic you are very familiar with or one you want to know more about in the future.
  • Focus on the most important or main concepts-you have to figure out the main points of the idea you are illustrating. Pick the most important ones, not every single idea because some of those are probably sub-ideas.
  • Create a thesis statement-now that you have some main ideas you can write the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the guide to the paper and to successful organization.
  • Create the support for each main idea-each idea or point will need support. If you do the support in an outline, it will help you stay organized. You can check off each idea as it is properly supported. You will also be able to easily visualize where more details are needed.
  • Pay attention to the conclusion and introduction-once you have refined the body paragraphs, you have to write the introduction and conclusion. Keep them tight, effective, and written properly. They, too, have an organization format. The introduction will have the thesis statement, background information, and an attention getter. The conclusion will have a thesis statement and a universal statement.
  • Cite when necessary-if you cite as you go and you build the reference page as you go, you will be able to keep on top of things.
  • Have a reference page-if you cited at all; you will have to create a reference page. There are many tools that can format if for you properly.
  • Put the rough draft together-the rough draft will be written after you have carefully written each body paragraph, the introduction, and the conclusion.

Use this basic tutorial as you begin to organize your illustration essay. It will help you to remain focused, include all of the proper ingredients, and have success. Remember, your goal is to completely organize your topic.


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