What Are The Parts Of A Five-Paragraph Essay: A Brief Tutorial

Writing a five-paragraph essay can be simple when you understand each part and its purpose. The paper features three main parts including the introduction, body and conclusion. Each section features unique details related to the topic and main idea behind the paper. When you have a good idea what your essay is about you will have a better idea of where information will appear in each section. The following points offer basic insight on understanding parts of a five-paragraph essay.

  • Paragraph One: Introduction
  • The introduction paragraph of your essay has several components including a hook, topic sentence, thesis statement and detailed background information about the topic. The introduction introduces readers to your topic and main idea. This should include interesting details to encourage readers to keep reading. This paragraph includes an important part of your essay which is the thesis statement. The rest of your paper will prove or support this claim. If it is strong and concise it should stand on its own. This section will include general details about your topic to set a foundation for what will follow.

  • Paragraphs Two, Three, and Four: Body
  • The next three paragraphs of your essay after the introduction is known as the body or body paragraphs. Each paragraph in this section has a supporting point relating back to the main idea mentioned in the introduction. Each paragraph will have a topic sentence, main idea, evidence to support the idea, and why it relates to your thesis statement. The last sentence in each paragraph may have what is known as a transition sentence. Each paragraph will follow the same structure for your topic. When listing points the most important or significant one of the three should appear first.

  • Paragraph Five: Conclusion
  • The conclusion paragraph of your essay brings everything together to a close. You restate your thesis statement and supporting points, but you rewrite the content instead of mentioning them again word for word. You should try to emphasize what is most important and what people should know about the topic. This is the last time you will present information about your subject. In some cases you will not need to add anything new, but present content as a way of summarizing most important points before bringing your topic to a close.


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