Writing A Top-Quality Argumentation-Persuasion Essay

An argumentative or persuasive essay has to convince the reader that the author’s viewpoint is the right one. In your paper, you should combine both argumentation and persuasion because the task is to debate the proposed issue and to support your stance with credible arguments. Make use of reasoning, appeal to the readers’ feelings, and provide reliable evidence. The difficulties may arise while putting all these components together.

Approaches to an Argumentation-Persuasion Essay

Before settling down to work you have to make several things clear:

  1. The topic.
  2. Sometimes teachers give the exact task but very often, you have to choose your own topic. Try to select a contradictory and urgent issue to discuss in your paper.

  3. The task.
  4. Make sure you understand the assignment and the main requirements. Start brainstorming by rewriting the questions you have to answer using different words and in the order of priority.

  5. Facts.
  6. Determine what can’t be debated. If your assignment is to write about strict anti-immigration laws, find out what the laws actually are. This stage may require extensive research.

  7. Arguments for and against.
  8. Write down statements which support the viewpoint given in the task or your own one. Be objective and write another list of possible opposing arguments. They will help you to make your own arguments stronger.

  9. Your thesis.
  10. A thesis is a sentence stating your own position. Be sure you truly support the viewpoint you decide to uphold. If you deviate between two opposing sides, you’ll never persuade the reader.

  11. The sources.
  12. Select essential pieces of evidence to be able to support your arguments. Rely on specialized literature and official web-sources.

Argumentation-Persuasion Essay Structure: Vital Tips

The skeleton of your work won’t differ from other types of writing assignments but the content is specific:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Start with an engaging sentence and provide the background. Here, you have to include the facts you established. Write a clear thesis statement to show what you think of the facts. An introduction should be interesting, so the reader will want to proceed.

  3. The main paragraphs.
  4. The body of your work should consist of several paragraphs. Dedicate each of them to a certain argument but don’t forget about the opposing side. Leave one paragraph to mention the counter-arguments. Don’t hurry to make conclusions, simply write the arguments and evidence.

  5. Conclusions.
  6. This is the main part where you have to make the last stroke by indicating how your evidence supports the thesis statement.

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