Quick Tips On How To Write A Descriptive Essay About A Place

To compose a perfect descriptive essay about a place, you need to create a live image of a location in your reader’s mind using sight, smell, hearing, touch, and/or taste. A typical paper is divided into five or more paragraphs that include an introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’s recommended to write about a place that you’ve actually visited unless you’re going to describe a visionary spot.

How to Prepare a High-Quality Descriptive Essay: Simple Advice

  • Look for examples.
  • It’s a good idea to find a few examples of papers about locations in travel literature and on the Web to see how the writers use the language, what details they consider important, and how they keep their memories in line with the facts.

  • Choose your focus.
  • It is hardly possible to describe every detail of your favorite place, so you need to focus your writing. You can stick to a particular theme, similarities and differences as compared to other sites, or something else.

  • Use the language wisely.
  • Using adjectives requires plenty of your attention. On the one hand, they can help the readers visualize the vital details. On the other hand, you should avoid nondescript words like “good,” “nice,” and the like. To engage the readers, you may also use the present tense.

  • Interest the audience.
  • You need to develop an emotional connection to your readers. Remember that you’re painting a picture from your perspective, so ensure that you provide enough background information and share your personal point of view.

  • Revise your assignment a few times.
  • There is no limit to perfection, so you need to re-read your essay and rework it if necessary. Try to put yourself in the position of the reader to reflect on whether or not it makes sense to add more descriptions to your story.

  • Finalize your document.
  • When your work is fully written, take a break, and complete the following checklist. First, run a spell and grammar check. Second, format the document according to the given requirements. Third, prepare a title page if necessary and a page of references if appropriate.

How to Structure Your Essay: A Spatial Order Sample

  1. Introduce the place you’re writing about briefly and explain why you consider a particular site worthy visited.
  2. Describe the first location like you’re following a movie camera, as you recall and provide details.
  3. Portray two or three more locations within the place under study.
  4. Summarize the most important points of your paper and restate the thesis statement in the light of the evidence provided.

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